Complete Lawn Care in Augusta, GA


A Plus Lawn Care and Maintenance offers lawn care services in Augusta, GA that’s sure to impress you! It’s in our company name, so you can expect only the best and truly committed services for your lawn.

Uses of a good lawn

We need not say exactly how important taking care of your lawn year-round is. It obviously not only provides great curb appeal but a well-kept lawn also has tons of uses and functionality for you and your family. Let’s say you’re planning on a barbeque with your friends, or a slip-n-slide for your children and their playmates, or just a small open space where you can stand and admire the neighborhood—all that is made possible by a well-maintained lawn.

Lawn maintenance process

Keeping a lawn well-maintained involves regularly cutting the grass, at a specific height relative to the roots, in a direction and pattern angled according to the growth. All this has to be done by well-kept equipment to make sure that the grass is cut cleanly and neatly. Following all these procedures, one is repaid with a lawn to be proud of.

Not sure of how to cut, mow and maintain your lawn yourself? Can’t make the time in your day to properly keep your lawn cleanly cut and neat? You can hire A Plus Lawn Care and Maintenance to do it for you. Our lawn care services in Augusta, GA are truly the cream of the crop, reliable and dependable in keeping your lawn well-maintained for you!