Pine Straw Installation and Mulching Services in Augusta, GA


Ever heard of mulching before? A Plus Lawn Care and Maintenance offers excellent mulching services in Augusta, GA for those who are looking for better health for their plants, flowers, and trees in their lawns.

Mulching 101: What is mulching?

Mulching is the process of applying a layer of biodegradable material (the mulch) to the surface of the soil, near the base of a plant, or tree. It’s a practice for both maintaining and improving the health of saplings, plants, fully-grown trees, and other specific forms of flora. Mulch is usually made out of organic residue, mainly: hay, leaves, grass clippings, straw, bark, animal manure, and pine straw.

Why should you be mulching?

Mulching provides simple but much-needed advantages to the receiving plants. If well applied, a good layer of mulch increases the water retention capacity of the soil around the plant, and also provides vital nutrients through the plant, much like how compost works. These ultimately improves the quality of the plant’s life and provides better conditions conducive for growth.

Pine straw installation and mulching services

It can be a chore to gather up all the materials needed— unless you’re eco-friendly and pro-green in which case you’re recycling your biodegradables, then we salute you; so A Plus Lawn Care and Maintenance is here to do it for you.

You won’t just get second-rate services done by amateurs, when you avail of our mulching services in Augusta, GA, you’re hiring a company with considerable experience and a dedication to quality as well. Boost plant life! Call us now through: 706-755-0136.