Reliable Grass Reseeding in Augusta, GA


Our services in grass reseeding in Augusta, GA has your lawn looking thick, green and healthy again in no time. Revive your old, beaten down lawn grass with our services, skills and experience.

Why do you need grass reseeding?

A good lawn reseeding project is needed when the homeowner notices that your lawn grass is too trampled, beaten down, old, or is being taken over by weeds. A good, healthy lawn should have its grass stay lush and thick. If your lawn looks more like the former than the latter, you might need reseeding.

What is reseeding?

Reseeding is essentially killing off the dying grass, with the weeds entangling it, on your lawn, and replacing it with new healthy grass. But the process is also so much more than that—there are different steps that need to be carefully taken: analyzing the soil, killing off the existing shrub, improving the soil through soil conditioners and smoothening, fertilizing it, and picking and planting the seed for your lawn.

Looking for grass reseeding in Augusta, GA? We have what it takes to pull off a successful and impressive reseeding project! We have the tools, materials, grass types from which you can choose from, and the skills to handle everything expertly and efficiently. Contact us now: 706-755-0136.