Thorough Trimming and Pruning in Augusta, GA


Think your trees and/or your lawn are in need of trimming and pruning in Augusta, GA? We at A Plus Lawn Care and Maintenance not only service your lawn grass to make sure it’s kept clean-cut, but we also do trimming and pruning for any trees that you are keeping on your property.

Trimming and pruning, what’s the difference?

People often confuse these two processes. To differentiate, pruning is performed to protect the tree or shrub from any infections or harmful growths. Most often, it is cutting off dead or infected branches. Trimming, on the other hand, is to ensure a desirable growth of the hedge or shrub. Tree pruning, especially for small bonsai trees, can also bring about a desirable aesthetic appearance to the growth of the tree.

Why you need it

The reason why homeowner’s and flora enthusiasts need to consider trimming or pruning their trees, plants and shrubs is the same as stated above. Pruning protects the plant from harmful infections or diseases that might be in certain areas of the plant, while trimming adds a pleasant aesthetic touch to the development of the specimen. Both very good reasons to ensure proper health of the plants/trees/shrubs that you care for.

Experience these benefits for yourself! Have professionals get on the job for you. Avail of our services in trimming and pruning in Augusta, GA, now! Call us at: 706-755-0136.